Silly Battery Tricks

Inspired by this tip, I thought I’d share this:

In the Army we have a high demand for the 123A battery. These power some optical devices, a handheld hard drive device and the little flashlights that attach to our rifles (Surefire).
In the event that these batteries have to be purchased “on the economy” rather than through the supply system, you can save a few bucks on each one.

Duracel’s number is DL-123A. Kodak’s is KL-123A. But don’t buy these.

Buy the DL-223 or KL-223. These are usually somewhat less than $20 each, while the 123’s run about $13. But when you cut off the plastic wrapper of the 223, there’s 2 123’s inside! You save about $3 per battery.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s been a while since I shopped for batteries and the price has gone down, by about 50%.

So, using my tip, you’d save about $2.00 each battery ($10 – twice $7.00).

Then again, as Roger points out, Surefire is selling them on their website for about $1.75 each. But you’d have to be buying online, and my tip is expressly for those shopping “on the economy.”


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