Anyone visiting my blog over the past few months may have noticed that the colors of the page keep changing.

You are not imagining this.

I’ve been on a quest of sorts, trying to find the html color equivalents of the ACU uniform colors.

The Army describes these colors as Foliage Green, Urban Gray and Desert Tan

What the Army does not do is help out webmasters by providing proper html codes for those colors.

Maybe its minor point. Maybe I’m the only blogger or website designer that wants that kind of information. But I don’t think so.

But I’m also under the impression that Army is trying to build a brand. And with the change, especially the radical change as between BDU or DCU and the ACU, that kind of effort’s got to be kicked up a notch. Dress uniforms will be changing soon and the standard picture of “Army” and “Soldier” will change. That change should be managed.

I did come across, once upon a time, an official Army page that described the correct display proportions and colors of the “Army Star logo.” That was cool. And they should be doing that for the Army Strong campaign as well.

What’s the correct font for “Army Strong”? There are several standard font’s that are close, but no clear match. Since it’s not a standard font, the Army should consider publishing it.

So in the interest of helping anyone else who’s trying to figure out the colors, here’s the codes as this color-blind soldier has currently figured them. If you think I’ve missed the mark, please feel free to comment here or drop me a line.

Urban Gray: A2A593

Foliage Green: 7F8779

Desert Tan: D6D2B6

Anyway, that’s how I see it.


One thought on “Colors”

  1. The simplest answer to your query is that I can’t provide you the answer, but I know who can. The date of this blog is a while ago, so maybe you no longer need the information.

    Simply put, you have to ask. Who do you ask? Why the trademark approval people for the Army. You can find them at:

    These are also the same people who would have to approve your use of either the Army Star logo, or the Army Strong service mark as trademarked. Army Strong was service marked in 2006 and achieved final Trademark approval in 2015. Use of the Army Star Logo or Army Strong for by any unofficial person for unofficial business requires licensing approval from Dept of the Army. It’s not that hard to get, you just have to tell them what you want to use it for and they have to approve that use/purpose.

    It is also useful to note that most camouflage patterns are also trademarked by either private companies or by the military service in question. Use of those patterns or repurposing is not authorized without permission. Generally the concern is with any pattern that is still in operational use (e.g. MARPAT, ACUPAT, Scorpion-W2, MultiCam, etc).

    Hope that is helpful!

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