New Navy Uniform

My brother, the squid, says it’s not “nautical.” Actually the first thing he said was, “it’s not Navy.” I said, sure its navy, and gray and green it looks like to me. Hah!

I’ve had about 20 hits since posting this from domains. Come on, guys, surely you have an opinion.

Tell us what you think. Is my brother right? Do you like it?

It’s still to be approved. Pictured is just one of sevral prototypes. Strategy Page says this,

Prototypes will vary somewhat, and sailors will be polled as to their preference for things like; woodland versus digital camouflage pattern, blue versus gray as the uniform’s predominant color, tapered blouse (work shirt) versus standard-style blouse, rounded versus pointed collar, performance (expensive, but keeps you cooler) T-shirt versus cotton undershirt, pleated versus non-pleated trousers, elastic versus adjustable waistband, button versus zipper trousers, no-polish suede versus polished leather boots, 8-point versus round top cover, pocket locations and design.

This one looks a lot like the ACU. It has the BDU pocket arrangement though, but then Saliors don’t often have to deal with body armor, which was the reason behind those ACU changes.


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