Awards for showing up

I got more “you showed up” awards.

Went from:

To this:

So that’s an Afganistan Campaign Medal (You can’t get second awards of the GWOT Expeditionary Medal), an Overseas Service Medal (which I didn’t think you could get if there was an established campaign medal) and a NATO Service Ribbon (and I didn’t think Task Force Phoenix was under NATO). I did get another Army Commendation Medal, so I’ve kept my promise to MAJ Walker (then my CO) to get 4 more when he pinned my first one on. Also, an Army Good Conduct Medal, which says I was on Active Duty over a year and didn’t screw up.

Also awarded were the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M device, but I alreaydy had one and you can’t get two of the same qualifying conflict, and the GWOT Service Medal which you also can’t get a second award for, so no changes there but they gave me the ribbons anyway.

UPDATE: Sarge Charlie: You can only qualify for the Army Good Conduct ribbon while serving on Active Duty. As a Guardsman, I get the Oklahoma Good Conduct Ribbon–the one with the numeral 12 on it in the pictures. That bottom row are all three State awards. The middle one is the State Active Duty Award (1998 OKC Tornado and Hurricanes Katrina-Rita), and the one to the right is the Oklahoma 10 Year Long Service Ribbon.


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