The Army and the H&K 416

(left) The HK 416, (right) the M4 (I couldn’t find a service photo; as shown it has a longer barrel than the standard issue Army rifle).

In December 2005 I posted an article on the H&K 416 EnhancedCarbine rife. In a recent issue of Army Times, they criticize the Army for not purchasing the 416 instead of the M4. has now also weighed on on this invented controversy.

The 416 is a Hekler and Koch rifle. The XM8 that the Army has been working on is also a H&K rifle and has many of the desirable traits of the 416 built in. The XM8 will probably be our next rifle so in many ways we will be getting the 416. Eventually.

The M4 is a recent purchase; upgrade from the M16A2 and M16A3. As such it represents a current cost on the books of assets that are nowhere near depreciation.

You can’t just rush out and buy the “best” thing every time one comes out. Sometimes you have to skip a best or two and then get the one that comes after that.

Especially when talking about purchases in quantities like the DoD. often picks up whatever new controversy the Army Times decides to print, and this is one. Army Times, is a Gannet paper. It pays lip service to being for and about us, but it also never passes up an opportunity to foment dissension in the ranks and that’s all that motivated the 416 story.


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