DEC 23 – DEC 30–The Week in Terror History

Why We Fight!– People forget too easily. People also don’t seem to recognize how long this has been going on and how pervasive it has been.

24 December1994– Algeria, Members of the Armed Islamic Group (AIG) hijacked an Air France flight in Algeria. The plane arrived in Marseille, France, on 26 December. A French antiterrorist unit stormed the plane, ending the 54-hour siege in which three hostages were killed by the terrorists. All four terrorists were killed during the rescue. Armed Islamic Group
1999– Colombia US Embassy officials reported a bomb exploded outside the Colombo-American Bi-National Center in Cali, causing an unreported number of minor injuries and major damage to the building. A group calling itself the Colombian Patriotic Resistance claimed responsibility, but police suspect ELN members carried out the attack. National Liberation Army
1999– Npal Five heavily armed militants hijacked an Indian Airlines Airbus carrying 189 passengers and 11 crewmembers en route from Katmandu to New Delhi. After refueling in Pakistan, the plane was diverted to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the hijackers released 27 hostages along with the body of a hostage they had murdered. The hijackers then flew to Qandahar, Afghanistan, and demanded the release of 36 militants imprisoned in India. On 31 December the Indian Government agreed to release three imprisoned militants in exchange for the hostages’ safe return. The plane and remaining hostages were released unharmed later that day.
1999– India, An Indian Airlines Airbus carrying 189 people landed in the northwest Indian city of Amritsar after being hijacked en route from Katmandu to New Delhi. Lashkar-I-Taiba
2000– Indonesia, A series of explosions took place in Indonesia, which were part of a high-scale terrorist attack by the Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist networks. The attack involved a series of coordinated bombings of churches in Jakarta and eight other cities which killed 18 people and injured many others. Indonesian police say they found documents implicating Hambali in that bombing, al Qaeda / Jemaah Islamiyah

25 December1986– Iraq, Iraqi Airways Flight 163 is hijacked. The pro-Iranian group “Islamic Jihad” claimed responsibility. Islamic Jihad
1994– Israel, An American was among 12 persons injured when a HAMAS supporter carrying a bag of explosives blew himself up at a West Jerusalem bus stop. Hamas
2000– India A car bomb exploded at the main gate of a military base in Srinagar, killing nine persons–six military personnel and three civilians–and injuring 23 civilians, according to press reports. The Jaish-e-Mohammed and Jamiat-ul-Mujahedin claimed responsibility. Jaish-e-Mohammed
2000– Greece A bomb placed at a Citibank ATM in Athens exploded, causing major damage to the exterior ATM and to the bank interior, according to press reports. The Anarchists Attack Team claimed responsibility for the attack to show support for the dead prisoners in Turkey. Anarchists Attack Team

26 December1968– Greece, One Israeli killed in Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine machine gun attack on El Al aircraft at Athens airport, Greece. Two terrorists were captured but later released by the Greek government after a Greek aircraft was hijacked to Beirut. Three days after the Athens attack Israeli commandos raid Beirut airport, Lebanon and blow up thirteen Arab airliners worth $43 million. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
1987– Spain, Catalan separatists bombed a Barcelona bar frequented by U.S. servicemen, resulting in the death of one U.S. citizen. Catalan Separatists
1998– Angola United Nations officials report that a transport plane carrying 10 UN officials and four crew members was shot down over an area of intense fighting between UNITA rebels and government troops. National Radio Services state that UNITA shot down the plane. A UN rescue team arrived at the crash site on 8 January 1999, reporting that no one survived the crash and that the bodies of all 14 persons aboard the plane were accounted for. National Union for the Total Undependence of Angola
1998– Sri Lanka Ponnathurai Mathimugarajah, the secretary of the Jaffna district branch of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), was shot dead at a public function in the Nallur area. Authorities suspected Tamil rebels were probably responsible for the event. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

27 December1985– Italy/Austria, Suicide grenade and gun attacks against passenger terminals at Rome and Vienna airports by the Abu Nidal terrorist group results in sixteen people being killed and more than 100 civilians injured. Abu Nidal Organization
1993– Egypt, Seven Austrian tourists and eight Egyptians were wounded when terrorists fired on a tour bus traveling in the old district of Cairo. A small bomb which was thrown at the bus rolled near a cafe and exploded.
1994– Algeria, The Armed Islamic Group (AIG) claimed responsibility for the murders of four Catholic priests. The murders were apparently in retaliation for the deaths of four GIA hijackers the previous day in Marseille. Armed Islamic Group
1995– Philippines Twenty Abu Sayyaf militants kidnapped at least 16 vacationers, including six US citizens, at Lake Sebu, Mindanao. Two of the hostages escaped and four were released, carrying a ransom demand of $57, 700. On 31 December the kidnappers released the remaining hostages in exchange for government promises of improvements in the south. Abu Sayyaf Group
1996– Eritrea Unknown assailants ambushed and killed five Belgian tourists and their Eritrean driver as they returned to Asmara from a field trip. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.
2002– Russia, The truck bombing of the Chechen parliament in Grozny kills 83 people.

28 December1998– Yemen Armed militants kidnapped a group of tourists traveling on the main road from Habban to Aden. The victims included two US citizens, twelve Britons, and two Australians. On 29 December Yemeni security forces undertook a rescue attempt, during which three Britons and one Australian were killed, and one US citizen was injured seriously. Yemeni officials reported that the kidnappers belong to the Islamic Jihad, but the investigation is ongoing.
1998– Algeria, Armed groups attacked two villages (Khenis-Miliana and Ain N’sour) in southern Algeria, killing at least 30 people and wounding 70 others.
2005– India, Two or more unidentified gunmen open fire at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, killing a retired professor of mathematics and wounding four others.
2005– Lebanon, Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar said it had received a statement signed by “The Strugglers for the Unity and Freedom in al-Sham, ” the group that claimed responsibility for the death of its former editor Gibran Tueni with a car bomb on December 12. The statement said outgoing UNIIIC chairman Mehlis was lucky to escape death and threatened any new chairman with assassination if he too implicated Syria. Hezbollah

29 December1947– Jerusalem, Jewish Irgun terrorists throw grenades from passing taxi into café near the Damascus gate, Jerusalem, Palestine, killing eleven Arabs and two British policemen. Irgun
1992– Yemen, A bomb explodes in a hotel in Aden, Yemen where US troops had been staying while en route to a humanitarian mission in Somalia. The bomb killed two Autsrian tourists; the US soldiers had already left. Two Yemeni Muslim militants, trained in Afghanistan and injured in the blast, are later arrested. US intelligence agencies allege that this was the first terrorit attack involving bin Laden and his associates.
1993– Algeria, Terrorists murdered a Belgian husband and wife as they slept in their home in Bouira. The husband had his throat cut, and his wife was shot.
1998– Yemen, The kidnapping of 16 Western tourists took place near the southern town of Mawdiyah, about 175 miles south of the capital, San`a. The hostages include 12 Britons — six males and six females — two American women and two Australian men. The group is demanding the release of its leader, Saleh Haidara al-Atwi
1998– Greece, Two time bombs exploded outside bank branches of American Express and Barclays in Greece’s main port, causing damage but no injuries. Revolutionary People’s Struggle 2000– Colombia, Diego Turbay, a Colombian legislator who headed a congressional peace committee, is assassinated along with his mother and five other people on a highway in southern Caquetá department, not far from the FARC demilitarized zone. The assassination is widely attributed to the FARC, casting further doubt on the future of peace talks. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
2001– West Bank, Palestinian opens fire on Army Post. The attacker was killed by Israeli troops, Hamas
2004– Saudi Arabia Two suicide car bombs explode in Riyadh. One outside the Interior Ministry Complex, the other near the Special Emergency Force training center. A passerby is killed and some people are wounded. In a resulting gun battle, seven suspected terrorists are killed. Two (Sultan Al-Otabi and Faisal Al-Dakheel) were on the Kingdom’s list of 26 Most Wanted.

30 December1973– Spain, Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) terrorists kill Spanish Prime Minister Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, in a spectacular bomb attack in Madrid, Spain. Basque Fatherland and Liberty
1995– France A bomb detonated outside a Paris branch of Citibank, causing major damage. Suspicion centered on sympathizers of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) who may be responsible. Armed Islamic Group
1999– Lebanon, A suicide bomber blew up a van near an Israeli army convoy in southern Lebanon, killing himself and wounding an Israeli soldier and 12 Lebanese civilians. Hezbollah
2000– Philippines A bomb exploded in a plaza across the street from the US Embassy in Manila, injuring nine persons, according to press reports. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front was possibly responsible. Moro Islamic Liberation Front


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