I hope to do this myself….

…and I notice a lot of hits coming to Signaleer looking for this information. So here it is: How to get a grant of the 25B MOS without formal Army schooling.

Office Chief of Signal can grant a waiver of formal training to qualified soldiers who desire to apply for reclassification into military-occupation specialty 25B.

There are some restrictions. The soldier must:

  1. Possess an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery score of 100 or higher in the skilled technical (ST score) field;
  2. Have completed high-school algebra; and
  3. Have formal training in such areas as:
  • data communications
  • the Unix operating system
  • Microsoft operating systems
  • and installing and managing local-area networks, routers and telecommunications protocol/Internet protocol.

Soldiers with a degree in computer science may qualify if degree studies are equivalent to the courses taught for the 25B MOS.

Soldiers who believe they qualify for a waiver of formal training must submit a request (DA Form 4187) to Enlisted Division, Office Chief of Signal, ATZH-POE, Fort Gordon, Ga. 30905. Supporting documentation is required.

Qualified soldiers will be granted a waiver. The waiver doesn’t constitute award of MOS 25B.
When the soldier receives the waiver of formal training from OCOS, he/she must submit his/her application through channels to Reclassification Management Branch, Personnel Command, 2000 Stovall Street, Alexandria, Va. 22232. A copy of the waiver of formal training should be included with the request.

The same type of process applies to other Signal MOS also.


4 thoughts on “I hope to do this myself….”

  1. My son is a 25u and attached to a MI Bn stateside and was recently deployed to Kuwait,immediately promoted with time waiver to E4 and working as unit IMO. Without formal 25b training, he seems to enjoy the challenge and wants to evaluate as a possible career path. His clearance can be active for 2+ yrs. post army. He did get notice some time ago that he could apply for (1) of (82) enlisted slots available at West Point for the current freshman class. I'm still not certain why he did'nt apply. Any specific near term advice I might pass along to this young soldier? Thanks

  2. I want to thank you for your information. I started this process back in 2009. It took a couple of months because of emergency leave issues at Fort Gordon, but I was granted a waiver. A couple months after that I got my security clearance. Two weeks after getting my orders granting me the 25B MOS, I got picked up to deploy to Afghanistan as a 25B. I also picked up my E6 as a result of the new MOS. When it was 17 degrees in Afghanistan, I was much happier working indoors on computers than I would have been working on helicopters (former 15T). Thanks for your info.SSG Stanley

  3. I know this is an old post, but a few months ago (June 2012)I was able to receive a waiver for 25B. On a side note if you don't meet all qualifications don't waste the signal chief's time.SFC V

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