Carnival of the Cats #30!!!!

When I volunteered for this, I had no idea I’d have such depressing posts myself. So let’s get them out of the way. In memory of Bosco and Tom.

Okay, it’s Carnival time! to start we have the 1st Offical Kitty Suvivor,Episode 3: First Reward Challenge OOOOH the suspense…. or not (I mean cats ain’t gonna do what you tell them to), from Michelle at When Cats Attack!

Steve at Blog d’Elisson may want to beware of the “you have to sleep sometime pinky!” look that Matata is giving him

Looks like I’ll be scoopy-ing the recycle bin more since SB at Watermark has not one, but two posts about virtual kitties, and they’re all soooooo cute.

Leaving no virtual kitty behind there’s this from thomasblog.

Mog writes, “Think I’m getting tired of the news, had a lot of cat posts this week” she also adds “Join the Army, meet interesting people, kill them.” RTO always explains that the Army has trained him to “kill people and break stuff” except radios. Nothing to do with cats, but I find it amusing.

Making up for Mog’s lack of news is Sissy at SISU with these posts.

SarahK at Mountaineer Musings has caught her kitty on camera. no really!

In case you missed it, Yesterday, October 16th was National Feral Cat day. Caitlin, at Cat Out Loud spent the day making shelters. Hopefully, Jon will still get to use his table saw after that. Perusing her blog I came across a post about campus cats which reminded me of an article I’d read lately about a meeting of campus cat organizations here in Dallas. (of course I can’t find it now, oh here’s one) They talked about how more colleges are being persuaded to control their cat populations humanely. The school I went to had campus cats and my friends liked to joke that there was really only one cat with supernatural abilities to make himself look like more cats, or even the university president. All I know, is praying to him helped me win at pool. ;D

And speaking of #30, guess who is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year? Target is even sponsoring an online auction of stuff for charity. RTO won’t let me bid on the trailer though. 😦

Finally, Laurence at TBIFOC sends this. He’s also hosting next week’s carnival. and there’s always the cat cams too.

Just want to say Thanks for letting us host this week. If I’ve missed anything please let me know. and also Have a good week!

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