I mentioned briefly last week that my parents had put their (our) cat to sleep, I was hoping to get some pictures of him up, but, well, let me just say the scanner hates me. The feeling is $%^%*U&*$ mutual.

Anyhoo, on with the Bosco bio highlights. We got him as a kitten in 1987 cause I got straight A’s!!! Ha! he was a little bit of black fluff and we debated on a name for him for a while. Dad was really pulling for Rastus and my sister and I tried some more perky options(not knowing they would be totally inappropriate in a couple years) So we finally settled on Bosco, I think for the chocolate syrup. mmmm chocolate. He was not the friendliest cat I’ve ever met, rarely purred or meowed or anything, did like to sleep on my head occasionaly. At some point he decided he really didn’t like his tail and attacked it fiercly, we tried tranquilizers for about a week, but he lacerated himself again so he was de-tailed. After my sister and I left home he got reallllly cranky. He lu-u-uved my dad always, but nobody else could go near him unless he decided to come to you himself. Other than that he would growl if you got to close. Earlier this year he was put on a special diet for his kidneys, then he decided to quit eating on occasion. From talking to mom the hurricanes seemed to really get to him, he quit eating again after Jeanne came through. My sister saw him a week or two before and said he was very tiny and weak (he was a monster cat), but he still managed to throw one last fit at her one night. sooo, He had a good life and I’m sad to see him go. Goodbye Mr. B.

2 thoughts on “Bosco”

  1. Ahhh, a very accurate (and loving) summary of Bosco’s time with us. I still expect to find him in my closet when I open the door. 😦 I know he’s not suffering any more though. Thanks for the tribute. Mom

  2. Very sweet tribute to Bosco. It won’t be the same going home without him checking out my room and suitcase…or attacking me for trying to go in the closet. 🙂 I think we will all miss him.

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