Larry King Gives Sen. Edwards a Pass

Is anyone shocked by this?  I’m not, but in this case its just the enormity of the issue that is astounding.

Here’s the quote:

KING: Senator, is terrorism a fair campaign issue?


J. EDWARDS: Of course it is. I mean, the American people need to know that their president will keep them safe. I think it’s — I think that there should be — from my perspective, what I’d like to see is a serious debate about the differences — and you and I just talked about some of them — but the differences between what President Bush has done and not done, and the things that John Kerry and I would do, and how that relates to terrorism. Just one example. You know, we believe — John and I believe very strongly that we — while America needs to lead in the world, that strong alliances matter, so that we’re not doing things alone.

Edwards thinks that the Bush Administration has no strong alliances and that we are “doing things alone.”

Imagine my surprise each morning to passing the nine flags out in front of our HQ here on Camp Phoenix.  And those are only the nine nations that are part of Task Force Phoenix.  Drive up the road a couple of klicks and check out the flags in front of the ISAF (Interanational Security Assistance Force) HQ.  Or into Kabul and look at the ones represented at Combined Forces Command HQ. 

Is Edwards not aware that the GCTF (Global Counter Terrorism Force) is the largest coalition in history?

Here on Camp Phoenix I ran into a Lithuanian the other day.  That was a surprise.  There are only something like 20 of them in Afghanistan.

Every day I work with Romanians, Bulgarians, Mongolians, Brits and (gasp) French troops.  There are Germans, Canadians and Australians in other parts of the Task Force, but I don’t see them often.  I think they’d be surprised to learn that this is a unilateral US action.  I know I would.

Travel the roads around here and you can’t help but notice the Sweedes, Danes, Norwegians, Croatians, Greeks and Italians (in addition to the nationalities already mentioned) driving up and down the road.  These people are all allied with us in this fight and in rebuilding this country. 

Let’s go back to King’s question:  Is terrorism a fair campaign issue?  My answer:  Damn straight.  But minimizing the involvement, effectiveness, support and contributions of our allies is a far greater snub to them than any go-it-alone approach that President Bush is wrongly characterized as having taken.

4 thoughts on “Larry King Gives Sen. Edwards a Pass”

  1. Don’t forget about the Jordanians. They are in Afghanistan too.–Redun”Always remember those who have given all for your freedom, and never take it for granted.”

  2. What resonates for me in Edward’s comment is that, while we have a multi-national coalition now, Bush went in alone. And THEN hoped and worked to rally other countries. But his determination to go to war (the only strategic bases of which, as far as I can tell, are to secure our oil supplies and make money) was completely unilateral.As President, that’s his prerogative, and that is leadership. I think history will show, however, that the leadership he displayed in taking us into that war was misguided.And God bless and hold safe y’all men and women who are walking the walk.I’m just a random reader. Probably won’t be back. If you feel the need or desire to reply, send to

  3. Personally, I think you just totally took Edwards comments out of content and are making much more of what he said then what was actually said… maybe you should read the comment again. Why don’t you tell me where Ewards says we are going it alone? What he actually said is “while America needs to lead in the world, that strong alliances matter, so that we’re not doing things alone.” Do you seriously believe Bush created strong alliances with other countries when he decided (yes HE decided, not congress, not the American people, which IMHO should get him impeached right there) to go to war with almost ZERO support from even our ALLIES and he did NOTHING to rally any strong alliances from other countries.It’s obvious that you are completely biased, probably brainwashed, and can only offer idiotic commentaries that are way off base. I’ve read a few of your blogs. To be honest, I think your just an idiot, and I doubrt I’ll read any more of your idiotic posts.Get a life.

  4. Hey Anonymous,sounds like he does have a life and he’s working in a direct way to make other lifes safer and better.I’m a vet and I’m proud of these guys serving overseas.

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