Why I Don’t Like the UN and Why We Should NOT Get Out

Saw a WorldNetDaily article: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=39509 which has induced my comments today.


Essentially, Larry Klayman is running for the US Senate seat from Florida being vacated by Bob Graham.  Klayman is a Republican and the foundar of JudicalWatch a watchdog organization that keeps tabs on trial lawyers and jurists with regard to business intereses and tort law.


It seems that Mr. Klayman has included in his platform the proposition to get the US out of the UN.  This is a bad idea.


Don’t get me wrong.  I have no love of the UN.  My feelings stem primarilly from the squandering of ability, talent, treasure, time and goodwill that is rife within the organization which completely betrays the potential for doing that which is right and good that is so ably masked by its administration.  That this would culminate in trying to quash the Global War on Terror at its inception, a policy for which I have clamored since the Marine Baracks in Beiruit were blown up in 1983 was just confirmation that they don’t know what they are doing and have no appreciation for what they could accomplish.


There is one simple and overwhelming reason, however, that the US must remain a member and engaged in the UN.  Its not the veto we have in the Security Council either (though that helps).


Its real estate.


The UN HQ is in NYC.  All those nations send delegations *here* to have their meetings.  Where else can we find such a potentially rich source of foreign intelligence?


Think about it; each delegation has a staff–they go to public places and say things they shouldn’t, perhaps a slip or perhaps induced in some manner, each delegation has communcations withtheir sponsor nation–if it can be transmitted it can be intercepted, if it can be encoded it can be decrypted.


Mr. Klayman is right; the UN does do stupid things like letting Syria and Cuba chair Human Rights Commissions, but at least they do it here where we can keep an eye on them. 

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