So, What’s a "Signaleer" and other questions (pt 1)….

Some things you’ll note about this blog:  The blogger has far more interests in life than are probably really healthy and so things will ramble and topics will change with little notice.


So, here’s a little glossary of terms that you’ll see with some frequency here:


Signaleer:  A member of the US Army Signal Corps

RTO:  A Radio Telephone Operator–  If you used to have the little green plastic Army men growing up, this is the guy with the radio on his back.

RTO Trainer:  1) The guy who teaches the RTOs their job.  2) Me. 

RETRANS:  Retransmission operations–a military term for using communications equipment to extend range or overcome terrain features.  Simply put, a repeater station.

Sparky:  An annoying nickname my Major has for me, but the General now calls me this too, so I guess I’m stuck with it.

Afghanistan:  A landlocked country in Southwest Asia from where I am currently blogging.

NCO:  Non-Commissioned Officer, an enlisted military member usually E-5 or higher (Sergeant in the Army) though some E-4s (Corporals) are also NCOs.  I’m a Sergeant–an NCO.

Redun:  An annoying (to him, I think)  nickname that I gave Specialist (an E-4 that is not an NCO) Miller–shortened form of “Redundant Backup Unit” which is what he is to me.


The alert reader will now have been able to make a certain number of conclusions about me from the above.  Stay tuned, dear readers, to see if you’re right.


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